Broken Bones Injury

Skilled Car Accident Injury Lawyers

After a traumatic auto crash, victims often require extensive medical treatment for a wide array of injuries. Some may feel fortunate to have escaped with "only" a broken wrist, broken ankle or even multiple fractures, but the medical bills and recovery time associated with these injuries can be very significant.

The amount of compensation you can recover may depend on the severity and locations of bone fractures you suffered, your age and occupation, available insurance coverage and many other factors. Your decision to contact a skilled broken bones and fractures injury lawyer at this Norman, Oklahoma, law firm could make all the difference in your ability to pay for quality treatment and recover sufficiently before returning to work or other essential life activities.

Extensive Analysis Of Serious Injuries And Effective Positioning Of Your Claims

Attorney Drew Nichols dedicated to thoroughly understanding your medical condition and necessary treatment, in order to target an insurance settlement or jury award that truly addresses your needs. This may include:

  • Collecting X-rays, other diagnostic test results and hospital or clinic records that confirm your car accident caused serious injuries requiring surgery or other forms of costly treatment
  • Calling on orthopedic doctors and occupational specialists if needed to reinforce future limitations you may face, sometimes including permanent disability

At the Nichols Dixon, you will find extensive in-house insurance knowledge as well as experienced personal injury attorneys with a solid track record of results. This team knows how to properly prepare and position your claim for recovery of the full, applicable insurance policy limit — often appropriate and necessary for broken bones — and to locate and explore any other viable sources of financial compensation.

Learn And Discuss Your Legal Options

When you call 405-217-4118 for a personal injury case evaluation, you can count on a professional legal team's genuine concern for your health and financial well-being. You will benefit from determination to secure all the compensation available in your case, whether you have a broken hand, arm, leg, foot or multiple fractures — and you will pay no attorney fees at all unless you succeed in obtaining compensation.