Who Pays Your Medical Expenses After An Auto Accident?

Guidance O Medical Expenses After Car Accident Injuries

Doctor and hospital bills can pile up quickly from any type of serious auto accident, and it is common for insurance payments to take time to come through — especially if you do not get counsel and representation from an experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer early in the process.

The question of who pays for car accident medical expenses if another driver caused the crash is a pressing one for many victims and their families. Most employer-provided health insurance policies exclude nonwork-related accidents from coverage, and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills can accumulate within weeks for serious head, brain, back and spinal injuries, broken bones and other outcomes requiring diagnostic tests and surgical procedures.

Protecting Your Credit And Emotional State As Well As Your Legal Rights

The professional legal team at the Nichols Dixon — working from full-service offices in Norman and Wewoka — takes pride in helping people deal with all practical as well as legal aspects of their car accident cases. The overall focus is on reducing your stress so that you can focus on physical and emotional recovery, and this team follows through on that by:

  • Getting directly and closely involved in your case as soon as possible, in order to establish liability and identify applicable insurance coverage so that you have reasonable assurance of a favorable settlement
  • Working with medical providers directly to prevent unpaid bills from affecting your credit rating, including sending letters of intent informing them that a settlement is pending for a car accident that was not your fault

Putting Strong Experience And Relationships To Work For Your Recovery

This firm's solid reputation in the community and established relationships with numerous leading health care providers often prove to be tremendous assets for car accident victims and their families. A skilled lawyer will get to know you, learn your most pressing concerns and do his or her best to address them all.

The number to call after a car accident or other injury causing event that leads to substantial medical expenses is 405-217-4118. You can benefit from attorney consultation, guidance on practical life concerns related to the accident, and representation on a contingency basis — which means you will pay no attorney fees if you do not recover financial compensation.