Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Turn To An Attorney And Legal Team Who Genuinely Care About Your Future

The first priority after any motorcycle accident is getting medical attention for all who need it. As soon as possible, however, it can be critical to contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer with the experience to ensure fault for the accident is properly determined and your rights as a victim are protected.

Experience To Overcome Disputes Over Fault And Insurance Coverage

Fault and liability for motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma are often intensely disputed. Insurance companies are adept at interpreting statements and evidence in their favor — tactics the experienced lawyers and in-house former claims representative at this law firm know well. However your bike crash occurred, the knowledge and savvy of the law firm you choose could make the difference in:

  • Defense and disproof of claims that you or your motorcyclist family member was driving recklessly or was "impossible" for the at-fault driver to see
  • Analysis of applicable insurance coverage and proper establishment of the full impact on your life and earning capacity of injuries such as a head injury or brain damage, spinal or back injury, broken bones, road rash, or severe lacerations
  • Development of the most compelling case possible for recovering maximum compensation through insurance negotiations or, if necessary, a civil trial to litigate your personal injury or wrongful death suit

Attorneys Can Make The Difference

At the Nichols Dixon in Norman and Wewoka, a skilled, cohesive legal team will make your recovery and future well-being its central mission. Because the accident scene may contain evidence critical for understanding and describing the crash, a lawyer may move quickly to secure that scene or call on qualified investigative contacts and experts in accident reconstruction.

Few motorcycle accidents can be described as "minor," given the potential for life-changing injuries and those that may appear manageable but worsen over time. Please contact a Norman, Oklahoma, motorcycle injury lawyer at this firm as quickly as possible for a consultation. You can get legal counsel even if you cannot travel, and you will pay no attorney fees unless you receive financial compensation for the damages you have suffered.