Pedestrian Accidents And Injuries

Hit-And-Run Accident Lawyers

A car-pedestrian accident is one of the most devastating events that can alter the lives of any individual or family. Injuries suffered by the walker or jogger may be very serious, disabling or tragically fatal, and determining legal recourse demands in-depth knowledge of both insurance coverage and Oklahoma personal injury law.

Experience To Handle Crosswalk Accidents, Reckless Driving Cases And More

Norman pedestrian accidents attorney Drew Nichols has substantial experience representing victims and their families, and the legal team at this respected firm will have all bases covered when it comes to investigating your case and determining the best action to recover maximum compensation. Capabilities at the firm extend to cases involving:

  • Accidents in crosswalks that raise issues of reckless, inattentive driving and failure to yield to a pedestrian
  • Drunk drivers, uninsured and underinsured drivers, and distracted drivers, including those guilty of texting while driving
  • Allegations that a pedestrian, bicyclist or child at play "darted out" or was otherwise impossible for a driver to see in time to avoid impact
  • Hit-and-run accidents that call for investigative skill and resourcefulness similar to those required in criminal cases — familiar territory for the former prosecutors and skilled criminal law attorneys at this firm

Many people and families victimized by pedestrian accidents fail to recognize that their own auto insurance or some other policy may provide coverage even though a crash did not involve their covered vehicles. For a personal injury law firm, in-depth insurance knowledge and an understanding of the strategies and tactics used in defending claims can be as important as experience in high-stakes negotiations and litigation.

Turn To A Caring Legal Team Focused On What Is Right For You

The attorneys and staff at the Nichols Dixon are caring professionals who put clients' well-being first and take a comprehensive, dedicated approach to helping people get back on their feet physically and financially.

If an Oklahoma pedestrian accident has changed your life and you are concerned about medical bills, lost income and other critical needs, please get a qualified lawyer involved now, beginning with a consultation. The number to call is 405-217-4118, and you will pay no fees unless you receive compensation through a settlement or verdict at trial.