Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorney

Pursuing Injury Compensation From All Viable Sources

One of the most alarming things anyone can learn after an injury causing car accident is that the driver who caused the crash had no liability insurance at all. Although driving without insurance is illegal, the reality is that some of the most irresponsible and dangerous drivers on our roadways take the risk every day.

In many other situations, accident victims' medical expenses and other damages significantly exceed the limits of the at-fault driver's coverage. This is especially common when the at-fault party has only a "bare bones" policy meeting Oklahoma state minimum coverage levels of $25,000 per injured individual and $50,000 for any one accident. Costs of essential treatment for moderate injuries can easily exceed these amounts.

Analysis By A Skilled Lawyer And Resourceful Legal Team

At the Nichols Dixon, experienced Wewoka and Norman, Oklahoma, uninsured motorist accident lawyers know all the options for recovering compensation under these challenging circumstances. In fact, an in-house former auto claims representative is always available to thoroughly analyze your case. Steps include:

  • Carefully reviewing your own auto insurance policy, which may include uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UI) coverage designed specifically for these situations — and to cover injuries caused by hit-and-run drivers who cannot be identified
  • Determining whether any other insurance policies that you or family members carry apply under these circumstances
  • Performing an asset check on the uninsured individual to determine whether a lawsuit could realistically yield a collectable judgment that would help address your damages and financial hardship

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You can depend on the team at this respected personal injury law firm to work all angles in the effort to help you after a serious car accident — and to charge you no fees unless you recover compensation through that effort.

Please do not give up hope for financial compensation or accept whatever an insurance company offers. Instead, call or email a skilled lawyer now to discuss what happened and what can be done. This firm offers consultations to help personal injury victims and their families make sound decisions based on accurate, complete information.