Defense Against Assault And Battery Charges

Even the lowest level of assault charge could potentially result in up to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine or both. The penalties get steeper for more serious assault and battery offenses. If you have been accused of this crime and you want to stay out of jail and keep your record clean, you need a lawyer who will put in the work to successfully defend you.

At Nichols Dixon in Norman, we work hard to fight criminal charges, and our record of results shows it. Our team includes former prosecutors who understand the opposition in assault and battery cases. We know our opponents' tactics, and we also know and hold them to their burden of proof. We take no piece of evidence for granted, carefully examining everything for weaknesses that we can attack. Our goal is to get you through this with a clean record, even if that means taking your case to trial.

Understanding Assault And Battery Charges

In Oklahoma, assault and battery are two different charges. Contrary to popular belief, the crime of assault does not necessarily involve physical contact. Assault is defined as a threat or attempt to commit physical harm. Simply displaying a fist can lead to assault charges.

Battery is charged when someone intentionally uses force to inflict harm on another person. Punching, kicking, shoving, biting and other attacks can all lead to battery charges. Even spitting on someone could lead to a charge of battery.

In many cases, assault and battery are charged together, because a threat of violence often precedes a violent act.

Aggravated Assault And Battery

When an attack results in great bodily injury, the charge could be escalated to aggravated assault and battery. Attacks on elderly or disabled victims may also be charged as aggravated assault and battery. General assault and battery charges may also be escalated depending on the victim. Attacks on police officers, for example, are considered more serious. Domestic abuse is a special classification of assault and battery when the accused has allegedly attacked a spouse, a significant other or someone else in a domestic relationship.

Talk To An Attorney First

Remember your right to remain silent. Before you talk to police or prosecutors, discuss your case with an attorney at our law firm. We can help. Call 405-217-4118 or contact us by email.