Defense Against Theft And Property Crime Charges

Have you been charged with a property crime? Do you want to help a loved one avoid conviction or reduce harsh consequences that could limit his or her future prospects?

The skilled legal assistance you need is available now from lawyers who know Oklahoma criminal courts well from years of experience as prosecutors and then as aggressive defenders of their clients' rights and futures. You can take a major positive step right now by deciding to contact Nichols Dixon.

Experienced Vandalism And Stolen Property Lawyers

Whether you want to negotiate for reasonable penalties or you have been falsely accused, a criminal defense lawyer at this firm will work hard on your behalf. You can benefit from skilled, resourceful defense against charges such as:

  • Larceny, ranging from petit larceny for shoplifting/retail theft to grand larceny for auto theft or stealing other valuable property
  • Robbery or burglary at all levels
  • White collar financial and technology crimes such as embezzlement, forgery, fraud, identity theft and unauthorized use of a credit card or debit card
  • Receiving, possessing or concealing stolen property, including cases of pawning items that rightfully belonged to others — charged as obtaining property by false pretense
  • Creating, writing or passing bad checks
  • Fraudulently using food stamps or any other form of government assistance
  • Arson, illegal entry, breaking and entering or home invasion
  • Vandalism and malicious mischief

Versatile Lawyers Focused On Protecting Your Freedom And Future

Former Cleveland County assistant district attorney Drew Nichols know how prosecutors think, strategize, negotiate and pursue convictions. They will counter with strategies and tactics designed to help you avoid conviction, jail time and other serious consequences if you are innocent or to ensure that the outcome is just and reasonable if the case against you is strong.

Proven Oklahoma theft and property crime defense attorneys at this firm are also an excellent resource for people charged with DUI, other serious driving or traffic violations, drug crimes and violent offenses such as domestic abuse, assault and battery.

To put a caring, determined legal team to work on your case, beginning with a consultation, call 405-217-4118 or send an email now. The firm maintains offices in Norman and Wewoka. An attorney can also visit you at the police station or jail if needed.