Arrested For Bad Checks?

Many people are shocked to learn that passing a "false or bogus" check in Oklahoma can be punishable by a year in jail and a fine up to $1,000.

Although most bad check cases are resolved without such extreme consequences, it is critical to take a bogus check charge seriously. Failing to handle the matter promptly, with full knowledge of the legal process and options available, could be devastating for your future. If you have been contacted about a bad check or your case is already being prosecuted, you should talk to an experienced theft crime lawyer as soon as possible.

In-Depth Knowledge Of Oklahoma Bad Check Laws And Defense Options

Although many bad checks are passed unintentionally, not knowing a check would bounce is not a legally viable defense. The law allows only five days to present a new payment before prosecution is a possibility. A Norman or Wewoka bogus checks lawyer at this firm will explore and analyze your defense options, including:

  • Providing full restitution or entering a restitution agreement with the district attorney's office
  • Skilled defense focused on avoiding any criminal conviction that could seriously impair future job prospects, educational opportunities and other aspects of your life

Skilled Legal Guidance To Help You Make Sound Decisions

Attorney Drew Nichols address every case with a commitment to offering practical, informed counsel and earning the best possible outcome. For the legal guidance you need to deal with a bad check notice or bogus check criminal charge, call Nichols Dixon now at 405-217-4118 or send an email.