Traffic Violations Can Be Fought

Have you been charged with a serious traffic offense such as reckless driving or driving on a suspended license? Has a recent moving violation put your driver's license in jeopardy, or were you involved in a car accident while under the influence of alcohol?

As soon as possible, you should contact an attorney at Nichols Dixon, a respected firm led by former prosecutors whose extensive knowledge of criminal defense and Oklahoma traffic laws can benefit you.

Resourceful Protection Of Your Rights And Your Driver's License

The criminal law team at this firm will take your case seriously, treat you with respect and get right to work on your behalf. Experienced Wewoka and Norman, Oklahoma, traffic lawyers Drew Nichols recognize the importance of goals, including protection of your standard or commercial driver's license (CDL), and will help you evaluate your full range of legal options for handling charges such as:

Efficient, Resourceful Traffic Crime Defense For Oklahoma Residents And Visitors

Were you pulled over and cited by police or state troopers when traveling through Oklahoma? The attorneys and staff at Nichols Dixon will handle your traffic violation matter with the goal of sparing you the expense and worry of a return to the state.

Fast action can be essential for protection of your rights and driving privileges. Please contact an attorney at this firm now by calling 405-217-4118 or sending email. You can depend on receiving focused attention to your needs, including a prompt response to any message sent after business hours.