Ticketed For Failure To Stop For A School Bus?

In Oklahoma, stopping for a school bus is required whenever the bus is pulled over on the side of the road and has its stop sign out and its red loading signals flashing, indicating that children are boarding or exiting the bus. If you fail to stop for a school bus displaying its signals, you risk a traffic violations ticket and a minimum fine of $100. As of Nov. 1, 2011, Aaron's Law requires that anyone convicted of failing to stop for a school bus have his or her license revoked for one year. This revocation is mandatory and cannot be modified or overturned. If you have been ticketed for failing to stop for a school bus, you need an experienced Norman attorney handling failure to stop for a school bus cases.

At Nichols Dixon, our talented team of attorneys and staff will defend your driving privileges. Drew Nichols former prosecutors with extensive trial experience and knowledge of traffic violations law. They understand the importance of retaining your driver's license and will work diligently to preserve it for you.

When Is It Legal To Pass A School Bus?

It is legal to pass a school bus under the following conditions:

  • You are going the opposite direction on a road that is separated from the bus by a barrier such as a divided highway or boulevard.
  • You are driving on a controlled access highway and the bus is stopped in a loading zone where pedestrians are not allowed to cross the road.

If you encounter a stopped school bus with its loading signal lights on in any other situation, you are required by law to stop for the bus until it has turned its signal lights off. You may then proceed at a reasonable speed while watching out for children crossing the road.

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