White Collar Charges Require Experienced Defense

Have you been arrested or come under investigation for financial crimes on the job? Are you facing allegations that you stole or misappropriated funds, forged checks, misused credit cards or engaged in other wrongdoing? Perhaps you are focused on helping a loved one in such a situation, recognizing that a conviction could be crippling for your family's future.

Criminal Acts And Schemes Attorneys

From offices in Norman and Wewoka, white collar crimes defense lawyers at Nichols Dixon will provide sound counsel and get right to work on your case.

Attorney Drew Nichols served as prosecutors in Cleveland County prior to establishing their defense practices. You can benefit from their solid insight into prosecutors' strategies and your range of viable legal options for dealing with felony or serious misdemeanor criminal charges such as:

  • Embezzlement from your employer, whether a corporation, private company or not-for-profit entity
  • Fraud in any form, such as mail fraud, wire fraud, identity theft or computer fraud charges arising from an email scam
  • Fraud against a government agency, such as obtaining food stamps under false pretenses
  • Passing worthless or bogus checks

Fast Action To Get Counsel Could Make All The Difference In Your Case

At this firm, your lawyer will take the time to understand your full range of concerns involving your freedom, job, reputation and future prospects. You will be heard and treated with respect.

If you have been wrongfully accused, Nichols Dixon will go the distance to prove exactly that. If an investigation is not warranted, it may be possible to intervene and prevent any indictment or charges. If you choose to target alternatives to a conviction and jail time, such as paying restitution and seeking counseling, you will have resourceful, widely respected negotiators on your side.

Fast action to get knowledgeable legal counsel is essential when facing any white collar crime allegations. To request a consultation focused on your case and your options, call 405-217-4118 or send email now.