Arrested For Embezzlement?

In Oklahoma, theft or unauthorized use of any individual's, company's or other legal entity's property may be charged as embezzlement. The seriousness of the charge and potential consequences vary according to the amount of money or value of property involved. It is critical to recognize that even a misdemeanor embezzlement conviction can bring jail time, and an offense involving property valued at over $500 is typically a felony.

Statewide White Collar Criminal Defense

Especially in challenging economic times, people who handle funds on their jobs may be susceptible to temptation and serious mistakes they later regret. In other situations, accounting mistakes or misunderstandings lead to false allegations of embezzlement. Whatever your situation, your need for experienced defense counsel is clear — whether you have already been arrested or recently come under investigation.

Attorney Drew Nichols former Cleveland County prosecutors with extensive negotiating and trial experience. Their knowledge covers the spectrum of white collar offenses such as embezzlement and various types of fraud. You can turn to Nichols Dixon for compassionate, dedicated defense of your rights and future, including:

  • Skilled investigation to prove your innocence and expose what really happened if you have been wrongfully accused
  • Personal attention focused on understanding your most important priorities, from avoiding jail or prison time to negotiating payment of restitution as an alternative to prosecution
  • Presentation of compelling reasons you should receive mental health or addiction treatment rather than a criminal conviction and sentence

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Nichols Dixon is a proven resource for people in need of dedicated defense in state or federal court. Norman embezzlement lawyers at the firm can also analyze your position and pursue expungement or record sealing for a past offense.

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