Was The Breath Or Blood Test Legal?

Were you recently arrested on suspicion of DWI or another alcohol-related or drug-related driving offense in Oklahoma? Did you take a breath, blood or other test — or did you refuse to do so based on what you were told (or not told) by police? In either situation, you should get qualified legal counsel as soon as possible.

Laws covering Oklahoma blood and breath alcohol tests for determining blood alcohol content (BAC) are complex and not well understood by most people. Whatever the circumstances of your arrest, an attorney at Nichols Dixon can provide guidance on the next steps as you strive to minimize the impact of a DUI or DWI arrest on your life.

Investigating All Aspects Of Your DUI Case, Including BAC Testing Or Refusal

The concept of "implied consent" means that drivers essentially agree to submit to BAC testing when requested by a law enforcement officer — but there are limits to this. Lawyers at this firm will always take into account all circumstances of your DUI case and the best ways to defend your rights, including considering:

  • Whether the officer had reasonable grounds to stop your vehicle and ask you to take a chemical test
  • Whether you were properly informed of your rights and the consequences of taking or refusing the test, as required by law

Act Now To Have Any Chance Of Continuing To Drive Legally

Fast action is critical if you want to try to save your driver's license or obtain a work permit. You have only 15 days from the date of your arrest to request a Department of Public Safety (DPS) hearing, and this law firm can help you do exactly that.

Attorney Drew Nichols can provide quality DUI defense and representation if you took a breath, blood, saliva or urine test and the results showed you were above the legal limit of .08 percent BAC. They can help you understand your legal options if you refused testing. Their experience also extends to DUI under 21, when testing over a much lower threshold can lead to arrest and conviction, as well as drug-related DUI cases.

To work closely with a DUI defense lawyer who will bring many years of experience to your case and work hard to defend your rights and future, call 405-217-4118 now. Our lawyers, based in Norman and Wewoka, offer DUI defense consultations.