You Do Not Have To Be Driving To Be Charged With DUI

People are sometimes shocked to find that they can be arrested on suspicion of an alcohol-related driving crime even when not actually driving. The charge of actual physical control (APC) of a motor vehicle while intoxicated is essentially the same as driving under the influence (DUI) in Oklahoma, but it does not require evidence that you drove. For example, APC arrests have been made when the defendant was waiting in the car for someone else to drive or parked and sleeping.

Were You Arrested While Parked Or Pulled Over?

If you have been charged with an APC violation, you have all the same critical concerns as a person charged with DUI or DWI. Your driving privileges, freedom, financial stability and even your job may be on the line. Many of the same defense strategies and negotiating approaches may also be viable in your case. To work with an attorney who knows Oklahoma laws and case precedents in depth, you can contact Nichols Dixon anytime.

Exploring All Angles In Defense Of Your Record And Future

Drew Nichols former Cleveland County assistant district attorneys with extensive experience on both sides of complex DUI cases. Your success in earning an acquittal or negotiating manageable consequences will likely depend on your lawyer's commitment to exploring all angles and building the most compelling case for you.

You can count on the Nichols Dixon team to engage with you, listen and address all aspects of your APC or DUI case. This includes representation at the Department of Public Safety (DPS) hearing on revocation of your driver's license as well as in your criminal case.

Turn To A Skilled, Resourceful Oklahoma DUI Defense Lawyer

Deciding whether to fight an APC charge or negotiate for reasonable consequences can be difficult. For experienced legal guidance you can trust, beginning with a consultation, contact a resourceful, trial-proven lawyer as soon as possible. The firm maintains offices in Norman and Wewoka to provide convenient, responsive service to clients throughout our service areas.