DUI Defense For College Students

People under 21 do not have to be drunk — or even "buzzed" — to be arrested and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) in Oklahoma.

Special laws apply because minors are not legally permitted to drink any alcohol at all, and the consequences can be especially serious for college students. If you are pulled over, any amount of alcohol in your system can lead to a DUI arrest, up to a three-year driver's license suspension, potential jail time, significant fines and other life-changing penalties.

Nichols Dixon is an outstanding resource for young people and parents concerned about their children's futures due to a DUI arrest or any other criminal charge. Attorneys at this firm are former prosecutors who have handled many college-student DUI cases from both perspectives, yielding extensive knowledge of what it takes to prevent unjust convictions and negotiate successfully for just and reasonable DUI consequences.

Proven, Dedicated Defenders Of College Students' Rights And Futures

College students charged with DUI or DWI (driving while impaired) have a lot on the line and deserve focused attention to their unique concerns. You can turn to this respected criminal defense law firm with confidence that you will be treated with respect and understanding as a student at a school such as:

  • The University of Oklahoma, Norman
  • Oklahoma State University, DeVry, Langston, Mid-America Christian or any other college in Oklahoma City
  • Rose State College in Midwest City
  • Other state and private institutions throughout central Oklahoma

Skilled Oklahoma college student DUI defense lawyers Drew Nichols will hear you out on what happened, investigate all circumstances and possible lines of defense thoroughly, and offer sound legal guidance based on years of experience in Oklahoma courts and negotiating rooms.

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This firm's track record includes DUI acquittals at trial, case dismissals and successful negotiations based on each client's most important concerns. For immediate attention to your DUI case and clear focus on your best interests, contact the firm's Norman or Wewoka law offices by toll-free phone or email as soon as possible.