Charged With Driving Under The Influence Of Illegal Or Prescription Drugs?

While the vast majority of arrests in Oklahoma for driving under the influence (DUI) and similar offenses involve alcohol use, a small percentage are based on the alleged offender's operation of a vehicle with illegal or prescription drugs in his or her system.

If you have been charged with DUI because of alleged drug intoxication, you face the same life-changing consequences that come with a drunk driving arrest and it is essential to get counsel quickly from a qualified, experienced DUI defense lawyer.

Lawyers With Extensive Knowledge Of Drug Crimes And Driving Offenses

Attorneys at this firm are former Cleveland County prosecutors with extensive experience handling all types of DUI and drug cases, including alcohol-related and drug-related charges against college students and others under 21. Important aspects of your DUI drug (sometimes called DUID) case that a skilled defense attorney from this firm will consider include:

  • Whether reasons given for suspicion that you were under the influence of drugs are sufficient to hold up when challenged in court
  • Whether blood testing — there is no breath test for drug use — was properly performed and evidence handled properly
  • If an independent blood test obtained soon after your arrest, testimony by a drug recognition expert or other evidence could be a useful component of your defense case

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There are many ways to evaluate a DUI arrest and strive to avoid an unjust conviction or negotiate reduced consequences. A drug-related DUI offers different options from those in a case involving alcohol.

To talk through the circumstances of your arrest with a Norman, Oklahoma, drug DUI lawyer who has directly relevant experience and will put the necessary energy into defending you, please contact Nichols Dixon in Norman or Wewoka now. You can benefit from a consultation focused on your best interests and future well-being.