Marijuana Possession Charges

Marijuana Arrests

Have you been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession? Are you a parent looking for caring counsel and results-driven legal representation to help a child arrested for pot possession?

While some states have taken action to "decriminalize" marijuana and substantially reduce penalties, any drug offense in Oklahoma must be taken very seriously. Failing to recognize the severity of penalties and do all you can to keep a drug conviction off your record, or your child's, could be a mistake you regret for many years or a lifetime.

Insightful Counsel and Skilled Defense by a Former Prosecutor

At the Nichols Dixon, every criminal case receives direct, focused attention from a former Cleveland County assistant district attorney with experience on both sides of drug cases. In fact, firm founder Drew Nichols served as a felony drug crimes prosecutor handling hundreds of cases — invaluable experience for defense of your future through aggressive trial defense or negotiations.

Penalties Are Severe and First-Time Offenders Face Critical Decisions

Important considerations for people charged with marijuana possession include:

  • By the letter of the law, even the most basic first-offense misdemeanor charge, involving a single joint or less, is punishable with jail time up to one year and a substantial fine.
  • The handling of a first drug offense, when there is eligibility for conditional discharge (deferred sentencing), is absolutely critical because any subsequent drug offense after a conviction will result in a felony charge — with penalties including a two-year to 10-year sentence.

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