Defense Against Manufacture And Cultivation Charges

The severity of drug manufacture and cultivation charges cannot be underestimated. Some of these charges carry mandatory minimum sentences in Oklahoma and, in the most serious cases, can result in life behind bars. There is no question that you need to enlist a lawyer who knows the law and is willing to take aggressive actions to protect your life and your liberty.

At Nichols Dixon in Norman, we have a team that includes former prosecutors who know how to build strong drug charge defense cases. Our attorneys are adept at handling cases involving unlawful growth of marijuana and operation of meth labs.

Meth Labs And Marijuana Crops

Most drug manufacture and cultivation charges stem from allegations of manufacturing methamphetamine in a meth lab or cultivating marijuana crops in a grow house or field.

A wide range of evidence may be involved in these cases, including records of purchasing equipment used to manufacture or cultivate the illegal substances to surveillance tapes that may have been obtained via helicopter or wiretaps. Our lawyers understand the importance of attacking this evidence from the ground up. While it may appear strong on the surface, evidence is rarely without flaws. Even when it is, there may still be opportunities to overcome it. We are committed to finding those opportunities and helping you reach an outcome that allows you to move forward with your life.

We are skilled negotiators and adept at trial. Rest assured that we will be prepared to take whatever approach is necessary to effectively fight these charges.

Discuss Your Legal Rights And Options

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