Oklahoma Military Divorce Attorneys

Military families may face certain unique issues when marriages break down. In addition to all the concerns critical for civilian families — primarily centering on child custody, parenting time, support and property division — your case may call for an attorney who understands the nuances and special considerations relevant to military divorce.

Nichols Dixon can be an important, difference-making resource for you in this extremely difficult time. Whether you are a service member stationed in Oklahoma or serving overseas, the spouse of a service member, or someone concerned about your rightful share of a military pension or other benefits, you can turn to an Oklahoma City military divorce lawyer at this firm with confidence. Contact us today.

Military Divorce Lawyers In Norman And Moore, Oklahoma, Providing Insightful Legal Counsel Focused On Your Children, Your Rights And Your Life After Divorce

A caring, experienced family law attorney at Nichols Dixon will help you understand relevant laws and make sound decisions, whether your divorce can be resolved through negotiation or requires litigation of intensely contested issues. Your lawyer will offer insightful guidance on matters such as:

  • Rights and federal protections available to military personnel facing the prospect of divorce while deployed away from home
  • Complex child custody and visitation issues requiring resolution in military divorce cases
  • Equitable distribution of all marital property with assertive negotiation to ensure that you receive your rightful share of military retirement benefits and other valuable assets

Contact Experienced, Practical Military Divorce Lawyers At The Law Offices Of Drew Nichols

This respected family law firm welcomes opportunities to assist soldiers and officers stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, Krowse Army Reserve Center and Fort Sill in Lawton, those stationed abroad and military spouses in need of divorce representation. Our Oklahoma military divorce lawyers also serve service members enrolled at the National Guard Training Institute, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Training or U.S. Naval Officer Program or checked into the U.S. Army Reserve Hospital.

Dialogue with your divorce attorney is important, and you can readily communicate with your attorney in the manner most convenient for you, including email if you are stationed elsewhere.

If you are facing or considering divorce, schedule a consultation with a military divorce attorney serving Norman, Moore and Wewoka who is equipped to spot and handle the challenges associated with your military life. You can reach Nichols Dixon toll free at 405-217-4118 or online anytime.