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Do you and your spouse prefer to live apart without divorcing? If for financial, religious or other reasons, you would rather be legally separated than divorced, experienced family lawyers at Nichols Dixon are prepared to offer sound legal guidance and draft a legal separation agreement that conforms with the law and satisfies both parties.

A legal separation can remain in force for the long term or establish a foundation for your subsequent divorce. It can provide the framework for agreement on property division, child custody and alimony issues, for instance. On the other hand, it can allow you to reconcile in a more efficient manner if you decide to do so.

Sound Guidance On Legal And Financial Issues Involved In Legal Separation

A formal legal separation may be the right solution for accomplishing goals such as:

  • Making both spouses' future accumulation of property irrelevant for consideration in a later property division settlement
  • Maintaining health insurance or certain other benefits that would become unavailable if you divorce
  • Requiring a spouse receiving financial support to pay taxes on those funds
  • Enabling the payer of support to claim tax deductions and limit tax liability for those payments
  • Preventing either spouse from remarrying without converting the legal separation into a divorce

Answers To Your Important Family Law Questions Are One Call Away

If you have already decided that legal separation is the right course of action for you and your children, a lawyer at this firm will emphasize efficiency and affordability in all family law services provided. If you are still weighing options, Wewoka and Norman legal separation attorneys at this firm will listen carefully to what you have to say and answer all of your questions in clear language so that you can make the best possible decision for your future.

You deserve honest, accurate answers to your questions and a realistic assessment of your legal goals. For a consultation with an experienced attorney at Nichols Dixon, the toll-free number to call is 405-217-4118.