Norman Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers

Custody, Visitation And Child Support Modification Lawyer: Oklahoma Courts

When a divorce is granted in Oklahoma — whether contested or uncontested, involving many complex orders or a relatively straightforward settlement — many orders are "final" only in the sense that they are legally enforceable. Lives of former spouses and their children change — and the corresponding portions of any settlement agreement can be changed accordingly.

These changes, most often involving child custody, support and visitation rights, are called post-judgment modifications. If you need to seek one or more modifications, for example, you can benefit from the assistance of a skilled family law attorney. The same is true if your ex-spouse is seeking a modification you believe is unnecessary or unfair.

Have Financial Or Family Circumstances Changed Significantly Since Divorce?

Proof of a substantial change in circumstances is necessary to obtain a post-divorce modification of orders in Oklahoma. Some examples include:

  • A job loss, transfer or promotion that significantly impacts either ex-spouse's income
  • Significant changes in the health, educational or other needs of children receiving child support
  • Remarriage of a party receiving alimony/spousal support
  • Job-related or other necessary schedule changes that call for changes to visitation schedules
  • A divorced parent's plans or decision to relocate out of state
  • Modifications or enforcement actions needed to address either party's noncompliance with current visitation or custody orders
  • Responsibility for ongoing medical bills due to a serious injury, disease or health condition
  • Exposure of child abuse or neglect, addiction, or unlawful behavior by a parent

There Is No Substitute For Decisive Legal Action

Laboring under outmoded provisions in your divorce settlement agreement is not good for you or anyone else involved. Settling for informal verbal agreements can expose you to costly legal actions down the road. Attorneys at this firm can address your specific situation, determine whether you qualify for a modification and take action on your behalf.

In Norman, Wewoka and throughout Oklahoma, you can turn to practical, knowledgeable Norman post-divorce modification attorneys at the Nichols Dixon for guidance and affordable solutions designed to promote a brighter, more stable future. Call 405-217-4118 today or send an email to schedule a consultation.