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As time passes, you may find that the original schedule and arrangements you and your former spouse set up for custody and visitation with your children no longer work well for your family. As children get older, their schedules can vary drastically. Parents may have gone through a job change or want to spend more time with their children. When these concerns arise, you may need to file a modification of court orders for child custody with the courts.

At the Nichols Dixon, our goal is to help you resolve your family law problem calmly and as quickly as possible. Our Norman child custody modification lawyers use their experience and skill to help you find a suitable arrangement between yourself, your spouse and your children so that you have the time you want together.

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In order to petition for a modification of child custody, you must show a substantial change in circumstance. Instances of this kind of change may include:

  • A change in your work schedule that no longer allows you to see your children
  • A change in the custodial parent's circumstance that would make the noncustodial parent a more suitable choice for custody
  • A change in your children's schedules that conflicts with prior arrangements as dictated by the original court orders
  • One parent needing to relocate for work, a new marriage or for military deployment

We work within the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) to solve your custody issues if you or your spouse has moved out of state or overseas. We handle moves outside of 75 miles of your current residence (which requires a modification of court orders), and we handle international child custody issues and military child custody issues as well.

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