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Have you decided to seek a definitive answer on whether you fathered a child, in order to exercise fathers' rights including visitation? Do you want to undergo DNA testing to legally establish paternity and know where you stand on any child support obligations, now and for the future?

Perhaps you are a birth mother who needs paternity established in order to receive the child support you are entitled to under Oklahoma law.

In these and similar situations, a Norman paternity lawyer at the Nichols Dixon can help — with quality representation, proven skills in or out of court, and attentive personal service that helps restore your peace of mind. Attorney Drew Nichols can bring years of legal experience to the protection of your parental rights.

Establishing Parental Rights And Promoting Children's Best Interests

Formally defined, paternity is the biological male parentage of a child. Once paternity is lawfully established through DNA testing, either parent may pursue child custody or child support actions relevant to the specific circumstances. This law firm works actively with men and women to explain paternity laws and help them pursue goals involving regular contact with and necessary support for a child.

If you and the father or mother of your child never married — or you obtained a legal separation — it may be time to make certain decisions essential to the best interests of your child. Also, studies have shown that a child prospers when both parents maintain prominent roles in his or her life. The attorneys and staff at the Nichols Dixon are dedicated to encouraging this outcome whenever possible.

Turn To Proven Oklahoma Custody, Parental Rights And Child Support Attorneys

Attorneys at this full-service family law firm are dedicated to pursuing efficient, productive resolution of any legal challenge that confronts you and affects your children. The number to call for a confidential consultation focused on your specific needs and concerns is 405-217-4118.