Norman Protective Order Attorneys

Offices In Norman And Wewoka: Domestic Violence Attorneys Equipped To Help

Have you or your children become targets of domestic violence or abuse anywhere in Oklahoma? Do you need a protective order to help ensure your safety?

Perhaps you have been falsely accused of committing domestic violence or making threats and need help clearing yourself of these allegations and avoiding their harsh consequences.

At the Nichols Dixon, experienced Norman protective order lawyers know the procedures available for keeping abusers away from their victims, and how to contest and win removal of orders obtained under false pretenses.

Applying Many Years Of Experience In Oklahoma Family And Criminal Courts

In many cases, very limited evidence is required for the issuance of a protective order (sometimes called a "restraining order"). If you fear for your life or that of your child — or if you need help disproving false accusations of domestic abuse — you need strong, confident advocacy from a professional who knows what to do when family law and criminal law intersect.

Drew Nichols have years of experience in legal practice, including work as Cleveland County assistant district attorneys. Their balanced perspectives on the law help them to bring aggressive advocacy to either side of a domestic abuse matter. Lawyers at this firm also contest unjustified court orders and provide skilled criminal defense.

Dedicated To Protecting Clients' Safety, Legal Rights, Freedoms And Futures

An emergency protective order or restraining order can be filed with the court, keeping an abuser at a distance with the threat of criminal prosecution, in cases of:

  • Threatening personal interaction
  • Written or electronic communication that causes fear or intimidation
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Rape or sexual abuse
  • Child abuse

If you are the target of any such form of domestic abuse, call 911 first — and then contact this firm toll free at 405-217-4118. You can tell a caring, patient Oklahoma lawyer what has been happening in your life so that your problem can be promptly addressed.