Self employed business man charged with Peeping Tom.
Result:  After 90 days the charge was dismissed and expunged from his record.

Student at the University Of Oklahoma charged with Indecent Exposure and Battery.
Result: All charges dismissed without costs to the defendant.

31 year old male, charged with Domestic Assault And Battery In Presence Of Minor, Disrupting An Emergency Telephone Call and Malicious Injury To Property.
Results: All charges dismissed with costs to the state.


Disabled Army veteran charged with Leaving The Scene Of A Motor Vehicle Collision Without Stopping And Giving Required Information and Improper Lane Change.
Result: Both charges dismissed and no restitution ordered.

College student charged with public intoxication after prior criminal charges in Norman, Oklahoma.
Results: charges dismissed

41-year old professional truck driver charged in Pottawatomie County District Court with reckless driving in his commercial vehicle;
Result: dismissed without costs

50-year old professional truck driver from Iowa charged in Oklahoma City Municipal Court with failing to yield resulting in an accident while in his commercial vehicle;
Result: dismissed without costs at non-jury trial

25-year old male: 5 different tickets from speeding to reckless driving in three different courts; Result: sentencing deferred resulting in dismissals on all counts

28-year old female: charged with reckless driving resulting in a collision in Norman Municipal Court;
Result: dismissed

30-year old professional truck driver charged in rural municipal court with failing to yield to a traffic signal;
Result: dismissed without costs at non-jury trial

36-year old female charged with Speeding 125 MPH in a 70 MPH zone in Murray County District Court;
Result: sentencing deferred, case dismissed and expunged

48-year old professional truck driver from California cited for multiple equipment violations in state district court and by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission;
Result: All court cases and administrative claims dismissed without costs

Family Law

25 year old father in highly contested divorce and custody case. Temporary custody of minor child was awarded to mother and resided with mother for over six months leading up to trial. Result: After trial, joint custody was ordered with primary physical custody of the minor child placed with father.

Graduate student and married father with five year old son in highly contested custody and divorce case.
Result: Following trial, full custody of minor child was granted to father and relocation to State of Texas was approved.

Highly contested Motion To Modify Custody wherein teenage daughter expressed her preference to reside out of state with father.
Result: Following trial and despite a Guardian Ad Litem Report recommending custody to mother, joint custody was terminated and full custody was placed with father.

Fifty year old father of two, highly contested divorce and custody action in Norman, Oklahoma.
Results: full custody to father

Objection to stepparent adoption in Norman, Oklahoma.
Results: successful stepparent adoption


65-year old male living in Mississippi sued for breach of contract by son in Cleveland County District Court;
Result: On two days notice, reviewed entire file and case history, appeared in case on behalf of client, and successfully obtained a full dismissal

40-year old male living in Texas sued in McClain County District Court for money judgment in excess of $75,000.00;
Result: Case dismissed and Judgment granted in favor of our client on Motion for Summary Judgment

67-year old female sued for guardianship over her husband in tribal court;
Result: Guardianship case dismissed with prejudice as to re-filing

Oklahoma corporation sued for over Four-Million Dollars in Tulsa County District Court;
Result: Case settled for confidential amount less than 1% of amount sought

Oklahoma LLC sued in administrative court by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission;
Result: Case dismissed upon formal administrative hearing

Male and female clients sued Washington D.C. corporation in the United States Federal Court for the Western District of Oklahoma for wrongful termination;
Result: settled for confidential amount