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Criminal procedure is a complicated area of law that is always evolving and changing, making it quite difficult for the average American to know his or her rights. This is unfortunate because the few minutes after a police officer pulls you over or after you are arrested could determine your options later. It doesn't help to find out what you should have done later from your attorney. It would be equally unhelpful for me to try to teach a class here for you to read. Therefore, you should consider this the beginning of an intermittent series designed to provide you with various basic rules. It is my hope that these rules will empower you and make you feel safer in uncertain times.

Proposed Law Could Limit Divorce Options...

As the divorce rate in Oklahoma and the rest of the country continues to rise, lawmakers are beginning to seriously consider options to curtail the trend. Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern has introduced a measure to restrict options in certain circumstances. The bill proposes eliminating the ability to obtain a divorce on grounds of incompatibility when there are minor children in the marriage, the parties have been married for at least 10 years or either party formally objects to ending the marriage.

Cody's Law Finally Closes the Door on "Social Hosting"

"Social Hosting" is now on the books: It is illegal to supply underage persons with alcohol or illegal narcotics on your property. While this seems like a no-brainer, in 2004 when Cody Ryan Greenhaw died at the age of 16 from an alcohol and drug overdose while at a friends house, there was no law, no criminal investigation and no one was punished. Since that time, Cody's mother has been pressuring state legislators to take action. Finally, in May of 2011, Governor Mary Fallin signed into law House Bill 1211 or "Cody's Law."

Oklahoma Tort Reform: Who Does it Really Protect?

The Oklahoma legislature recently passed a series of three new measures that will significantly affect personal injury claims for state citizens. Two Senate Bills and one House Bill have been signed into law to provide the most sweeping tort reform regulations in recent years. But while these changes are billed as good for the state, applying them in individual cases could severely hamper one's ability to be made whole again.

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