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March 2012 Archives


This is the second entry in the Criminal Law series. The series is designed to provide our clients and the general public with the basic valuable information they need to be legally protected in times of stress and uncertainty.

Proposed New Law Named in Honor of Caylee Anthony

The Oklahoma State Senate approved a new law on Thursday, March 15. If approved by the state House and Governor Fallin, Caylee's Law will create formal legal punishments for parents or guardians who fail to report a missing child within 48 hours. Senate Bill 1721 also provides stiff consequences for parents or guardians who knowingly lie to police officers about the disappearance of children.


Drew Nichols of the Nichols Law Firm was just named to the "Top 40 Under 40" by The National Trial Lawyers! This is a new professional organization made up of top young attorneys from throughout the United States.

Right to Privacy Gets a Little Weaker

A ruling came down from the Federal Appeals Court for the 7th Circuit Wednesday, February 29, 2012, creating a new law that police can now search your cell phone for phone numbers without a warrant. The courts' reasoning heavily relied upon the premise that the invasion of privacy in most cases will be very slight compared to the risk of law enforcement potentially losing access to this information. In his opinion, Judge Posner compared a cell phone to a diary, saying "Just as police are entitled to open a pocket diary to copy an owner's address, they should be able to turn on a cell phone to learn its number, he wrote. But just as they're forbidden from examining love letters tucked between the pages of an address book, so are they forbidden from exploring letters in the files of a phone."

Open Carry On the Way

A proposed Oklahoma open carry law moved one step closer yesterday. House Bill 2522 easily passed through committee and now moves on to the full state house for consideration. The measure is similar to one that was passed by the state legislature two years ago but vetoed by then Governor Brad Henry. With a Republican in the Governor's Mansion, the chances are much better for passage this time around. The bill has several functions.

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