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News: Dress Code

It is Friday morning. As I sit at the back of the courtroom, waiting for the docket to begin, mine eyes are drawn to the long, sad windows on the West wall of the vast, wood laden room. Outside, the fog is lifting, heralding the birth of a day anew. Yet, the angry skies to the North loom menacingly, threatening to wash away the fledgling hopes of sunny warmth. A sharp pain suddenly courses through my left foot. I instinctively turn toward my already throbbing appendage and I am met with a host of brilliantly colored butterflies, fluttering restlessly amid a turbulent ocean of flesh. My gaze rises through wave upon wave of tummy until the sunken eyes belonging to what I imagine was once a human face now stare angrily back at me. A sudden screech emits from engorged lips, morbidly beautified by a sharp silver ring. "Excuse you!" So dies my fleetingly whimsical daydream of rainy silence. So begins the criminal misdemeanor docket at the Cleveland County Courthouse.

Oklahoma Traffic Points System

To many Oklahomans, understanding the Department of Public Safety Points system is like understanding the IRS Federal Tax Code. For those who live outside Oklahoma or are new to Oklahoma, it is even more confusing. This blog breaks down the basics of the Point System, allowing you to better understand your situation and know what steps to take, should you ever receive a traffic citation.

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