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Child injured in Oklahoma accident blamed on texting

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur in the state of Oklahoma. Sometimes they are due to things beyond the control of those involved such as the condition of the road. Other times drivers suffer a medical episode of some sort that leads to a loss in control of a vehicle. Most often however, car crashes are due to the behavior of those behind the wheel.

Inattention blamed for car striking a motorcycle in Oklahoma

A recent accident in Oklahoma demonstrates why drivers need to be more aware of the presence of motorcycles on the road.  A woman operating a motorcycle was riding westerly as a Toyota Sequoia was following closely behind.  Apparently, the driver of the car then checked on his children in the backseat of the car and while doing so consequently ran into the back of the motorcycle with his vehicle.

Pets and driving: a dangerous mix?

We all know that distraction on the roads comes in all forms, but the typical idea that comes to mind is residents in and around Norman using electronics, such as a cellphone or radio, while driving. Although this has been a key issue that needs to be addressed, it has not stopped communities from targeting other forms of distraction. In general, the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration considers distracted driving anything that takes a person's concentration or eyes off the road, or hands off the steering wheel.

Oklahoma City offers free clinic for new drivers

If you were asked to name common causes of car accidents, what would you say? Perhaps drunk driving, distracted driving or disobeying traffic laws are at the top of your list. One factor some people may not consider, but is true for many drivers on Oklahoma roads, is inexperience.

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