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Inattention blamed for car striking a motorcycle in Oklahoma

A recent accident in Oklahoma demonstrates why drivers need to be more aware of the presence of motorcycles on the road.  A woman operating a motorcycle was riding westerly as a Toyota Sequoia was following closely behind.  Apparently, the driver of the car then checked on his children in the backseat of the car and while doing so consequently ran into the back of the motorcycle with his vehicle.

The 40-year old motorcycle rider was then flown to a medical center located in Oklahoma City.  The woman suffered leg injuries and is listed in stable condition.  Fortunately, she was not injured more seriously.  Oklahoma state troopers listed the cause of the accident as being "inattention."

For whatever reason, inattention is an extremely common reason for why motorcycles are struck by other vehicles.  Drivers often fail-to-yield to motorcycle riders on the road because they did not take the time to see if a motorcycle is in the vicinity, and many drivers claim to never having seen the motorcycle prior to a crash taking place.

Personal injury attorneys can help out motorcycle riders recover medical expenses and wage losses due to such accidents.  These attorneys can also make determinations as to how an accident occurred, what parties should be held liable, and what individuals should be held responsible for compensating the injured rider.  Obviously, everyone would be in a better position if such accidents were avoided altogether.

Drivers do need to be educated that the rules of the road provide motorcycle operators the same rights as other drivers.  A motorcycle rider is at much greater risk of grievous injury in an accident than is the driver or passenger of an automobile or truck, and that's why the presence of motorcycles needs to be acknowledged and respected.

Source: Oklahoma's Own, "French Woman Injured in Motorcycle Crash in Washita County," May 12, 2013

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