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August 2013 Archives

Oklahoma security guard detains drunk driver

A man and woman who were allegedly drunk were driving away from a bar that was south of 41st and Sheridan in Tulsa on Aug. 18. As the vehicle was in motion, the woman apparently opened the door and fell out onto Sheridan. The man circled back around to pick her up when he caught the attention of the security guard.

Oklahoma woman accused of DUI following crash

On Aug. 9 at approximately 11:30 p.m., a bicyclist was hit and killed in a crash that occurred on N.W. 10th Street in Oklahoma City. Police believe that the cyclist was riding in the outside lane when he was struck by a 37-year-old woman driving a Yukon. Witnesses observed that the lights on the bike were on following the crash.


Dancing is no defense for a DUI

Drivers in Oklahoma my be interested to her about a man who was taken into custody in Ohio on a drunk driving charge after he began dancing during a routine traffic stop. He was pulled over for speeding, but when he seemed confused, officers decided to perform a field sobriety test. Instead of performing the test as directed, the man decided to perform a dance instead.

"No refusal" sobriety tests becoming more prevalent in Oklahoma

The right to refuse a blood test may soon be tougher to take advantage of if the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has their way. The OHP has begun to institute "no refusal" operations on high travel weekends and holidays. Some say that the Highway Patrol has overstepped their legal authority.

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