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Oklahoma security guard detains drunk driver

A man and woman who were allegedly drunk were driving away from a bar that was south of 41st and Sheridan in Tulsa on Aug. 18. As the vehicle was in motion, the woman apparently opened the door and fell out onto Sheridan. The man circled back around to pick her up when he caught the attention of the security guard.

The security guard went over to the pair to check on them and see if they were okay. However, the man ended up getting into an argument with the guard. Therefore, the guard detained them until police officers arrived on the scene. Police charged the man with driving under the influence of alcohol, and woman was treated for minor injuries that she may have incurred from falling out of the moving vehicle.

The man could be subject to various consequences if he is convicted of his DUI charge, such as a six month suspension of his driver's license. A DUI defense attorney might be able to represent him at an administrative hearing before the DMV and help him keep his driver's license, at least until his charges are settled in court.

If he does end up getting a conviction for his DUI charge, the judge could order his license to be suspended for six months or longer. He could also have to pay fines or even have to serve a jail sentence. His consequences could be made worse if he already has prior DUI convictions on his driving record. An attorney might be able to defend him by questioning whether or not the prosecution has chemical blood test evidence to prove that his BAC level was higher than the legal limit.

Source: Tulsa's Channel , "Security Guard Stops Drunk Driver", Dan Phillips, August 26, 2013

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