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October 2013 Archives

Oklahoma man charged with DUI after altercation

A 52-year-old man was charged with a variety of offenses, including DUI, speeding, domestic abuse and injuring another person's property on Wednesday night, Oct. 17. The man had reportedly gotten into an altercation with his roommates after becoming intoxicated and passing out on a bed in the home that they shared.

License suspensions overturned for 6 people

An appeals court in Oklahoma has determined that the documents used to suspend people's licenses in six cases did not comply with state law. This ruling brings into question the validity of documents that have been used in other cases where someone's license has been revoked. The issue goes back to 1990 when the state advised the Department of Public Safety that there was a flaw in the agency's license-revocation documentation.

Basketball coach pleads guilty to DWI

Oklahoma basketball fans may be interested in the outcome of a DWI case involving Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd. After pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated in July 2012, the coach was suspended from the first two games of the regular season by the NBA Oct. 4. When he pleaded guilty, he was forced to submit to one year of probation and reportedly agreed to speak with area students about driving under the influence.

New DUI law has drivers concerned

A new DUI law that went into effect on Oct. 1 has Oklahoma drivers concerned because it penalizes drivers who may have just trace amounts of Schedule I controlled substances or chemicals in their blood. This new law makes it illegal to drive with any detectable amount of a Schedule I substance in, including analogs or metabolites, in people's saliva, blood, urine or any other bodily fluid. Several drivers support the new law because they believe it will help keep impaired drivers off the road; however, many of the same people are concerned that drivers will be penalized for substances they took in a day or two prior.

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