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License suspension in Oklahoma

Oklahoma drivers may have their licenses and driving privileges suspended for a number of reasons. A suspension period may last for a period of several months or up to several years. The length of the suspension is directly related to the type of offense that caused the suspension and the driving record of the person who committed the offense.

One of the most common causes of a license suspension is a DUI conviction. A license suspension of 180 days will usually apply for a first-time DUI conviction. However, if the convicted driver has a blood alcohol content between .05 and .08 percent, the suspension period for a first-time offense is 30 days. Subsequent DUI convictions can increase the length of the suspension period to one year for a second offense and three years for a third offense.

A driver may face a 180-day license suspension for refusing to provide a breath or urine sample when being investigated for DUI. This is true whether or not the driver has actually consumed any alcohol or drugs. Any driver who accumulates 10 points from moving violations on their driving record in a 5-year period may face license suspension. Failing to stop at the scene of an accident or being convicted on a drug charge can also cause a license to be suspended.

Drivers who are charged with DUI have the opportunity to attend DPS hearings. These hearings are provided by the Department of Public Services and must be scheduled within 15 days of a DUI arrest. A defense attorney may contest a suspension at a DPS hearing by showing evidence that a traffic stop was unwarranted or that a driver was never read their legal rights regarding alcohol testing.

Source: DMV.com, "Suspended License Information for Oklahoma", November 20, 2014

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