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Keeping your driving privileges after a DUI charge

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Oklahoma, you could lose your driving privileges for a considerable period even if the DUI charge against you is ultimately dismissed. You can seek to prevent this from happening by requesting a hearing before the Department of Public Services, but you are given only 15 days to request such a hearing.

The DPS hearing could not only decide if you are able to retain your driving privileges in Oklahoma, it may also provide useful insight into the strength of the criminal prosecution you will face. Our experienced defense attorneys can advocate on your behalf during the DPS hearing, and we may be able to identify areas of the case against you that could be challenged.

One of the first things that a defense attorney may do is scrutinize the circumstances leading up to the initial traffic stop to see if the police officers involved had sufficient probable cause to pull your vehicle over. An attorney may also examine the official account of the incident to ensure that you were properly advised of your constitutional rights. The reliability of the toxicology test results used to determine your blood alcohol level may also be questioned if the test was not conducted according to strict guidelines or the equipment used was not adequately maintained.

The consequences of losing your Oklahoma driver's license could go beyond inconveniencing your social life. Your employment could be placed in jeopardy if public transportation is unable to provide a reliable way for you to get to and from work. Taking a proactive approach with the DPS could save your driving privileges, or you may be awarded a hardship license. If you are concerned about losing your driver's license because of a DUI charge, please visit our page dealing with DPS hearings.


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