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Oklahoma woman tries bribery at drunk driving arrest

When a 31-year-old woman hit a police car in an Oklahoma City fast-food drive-thru, she allegedly offered money for a ride home. Police instead detained her on suspicion of intoxication and added an additional charge for attempting to bribe a police officer.

According to the arrest report, she hit the rear of the police car while waiting in the fast-food car line. The woman reportedly admitted to drinking three or four beers when officers asked her if she had been drinking. They had her perform a field sobriety test and later indicated that she was distracted and unable to maintain her balance.

At this point, she allegedly told the officers she would give them money if they gave her a ride home. She added that she would not tell anyone. The amount of $500 was recorded in the police report as the amount she offered.

A person arrested for driving under the influence may face consequences of jail time, substantial fines and fees and the possible suspension of one's driver's license. When someone needs to deal with a drunk driving charge, he or she has the option of turning to an attorney for help. An attorney might be able to look at the arrest report and note any problems with evidence collection. If evidence can be challenged, then the possibility arises that charges might be reduced or dropped, depending on the situation. An attorney might also be able to convince a court that a client deserves a lenient sentence like attending a mandatory substance abuse program.

Source: KFOR, "Woman arrested for allegedly driving drunk, hitting officer's patrol car," K. Querry, Feb. 20, 2015

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