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Woman facing drunk driving charges after 1-car accident

At about 2 a.m. on Feb. 12, a woman in Oklahoma City crashed into a roadside memorial along Interstate 40. The woman reportedly lost control while she was attempting to exit the westbound lanes at Peebly Road. After leaving the off-ramp, the woman drove through a memorial that had been built for a deceased man and landed in a ravine with knee high water.

Police reportedly suspect that the woman who caused the crash was driving while impaired by alcohol. There was no one else involved in the accident, and the woman was not injured. It is unclear how police determined that the driver was drunk. No information has been released about the exact nature of the charges that may be issued against the driver.

There are other factors besides intoxication that can result in a driver losing control of their vehicle. A medical emergency, dangerous weather conditions and exhaustion are just a few of the issues that could cause an accident. If prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence that a driver was impaired by alcohol when they crashed, the driver may present evidence that other factors caused the accident.

A person who is facing a DWI charge may also dispute the sobriety testing methods that were used by police at the scene of a crash. If police administered a field sobriety test, for instance, an individual may explain that they were unable to pass the test because they were physically injured or in a state of shock. The results of a breath test may be disputed on the grounds that police failed to properly administer the test.

Source: news9.com, "OKC Police: Drunk driver damages roadside memorial along I-40", Rachel Calderon, Feb. 12, 2015

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