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Man charged with assaulting officer and DUI

According to law enforcement authorities, an Oklahoma City man is facing multiple charges after allegedly assaulting an officer during a DUI stop. The incident reportedly occurred on March 14 in Oklahoma City.

The 32-year-old man was reportedly driving on N.W. Expressway when officers allegedly saw him run a stop sign and then hit a curb. Police then stopped the man's vehicle and asked him to step outside of it. According to the police officer's report, the man head-butted the officer in the face while he was getting out of his car.

The man was detained on multiple charges, including DUI, driving with an open container, driving with a revoked license, assault and battery on a law enforcement officer and assault and battery. The police officer that transported the man to the county jail stated that the man repeatedly stated that while he was guilty of DUI, he was not guilty of head-butting the officer. The officer also reported the man was crying while riding in the police cruiser on the way to the jail. There is no word on whether bail has been set in the man's case or if he remains in custody at this time.

People who are charged with criminal offenses including charges of drunk driving may have defenses available to them. In this man's case, a criminal defense attorney might try to negotiate a plea that contemplates the dismissal of the other charges the man is facing. The man might have a defense to the assault charges if he stumbled while getting out of his car, causing the contact to occur. A criminal defense attorney may look at the individual facts of a client's case in order to determine what defenses might be available in planning the defensive strategy.

Source: KFOR, "Police: Man arrested for DUI, head butting officer during traffic stop," K. Querry, March 16, 2015

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