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You can get a DUI without driving

Do you think that a car has to be moving and that you have to be behind the wheel to get a DUI? While most drunk driving arrests are naturally made in this way, you can actually get arrested in Oklahoma even if you're not moving. This is something that happens on a fairly consistent basis, though many people do not know that it's possible.

For example, consider the following scenario. You're at the bar on a winter night, and you know that you've had too much to drink. All of your friends leave the bar, so you don't want to stay in it alone, or the bar closes down for the night. As a result, you go out to your car, planning to sit in it until you think you're feeling better and you can drive.

However, seeing as how it's the winter, your car is freezing cold. You turn it on so that you can use the heater, still planning to wait and not planning to drive.

That's enough for a DUI in Oklahoma. If a police officer finds you sitting behind the wheel, with the keys in the ignition and the car running, you can be arrested and charged. You can tell the officer that you didn't drive anywhere and explain that you weren't going to, but it does not matter. From a legal perspective, you've already done enough.

Does this come as a surprise to you? You never want to assume that you know the DUI laws, as they may not work like you expect. To learn more about them, please visit our page now.

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