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Popular actor facing charges of driving under the influence

On Friday, June 12, popular TV actor, John Stamos, received a citation for driving under the influence in Beverly Hills. News reports indicate police officers responded to several citizen telephone calls about a suspected drunk driver. A Beverly Hills police sergeant said officers pulled Stamos over, at which point he identified himself and showed the police his driver's license.

What is perhaps most interesting about the incident is the vague reports of a medical condition Stamos may or may not have suffered from. The police sergeant told the press that Stamos was taken by paramedics to the hospital due to a "possible medical condition." The police officer indicated that it was not until after the actor had arrived at the hospital that drunk driving was suspected and an arrest made.

Reportedly, officers issued Stamos a DUI citation and then released him into the hospital's care. The following day, Stamos posted a Twitter update indicating he was at home and feeling well. The actor was the sole occupant of the vehicle he was reportedly operating at the time of the incident.

Most likely, there are more details to this story than have been reported, but it showcases how important elements of a DUI arrest are to a possible conviction in Oklahoma and elsewhere. For example, if a medical condition overshadows the alleged drunk driving, a good criminal defense attorney could perhaps swing the case in the defendant's favor. Additionally, it must be clear how and when field sobriety tests were given in order for the prosecution to have a truly solid case against an alleged drunk driver.

Source: KOKO.com, "Full House actor Stamos arrested on DUI," Joe Sutton, June 13, 2015

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