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Why you might benefit from requesting a hearing for your DUI

If you are convicted of driving while drunk in Oklahoma, you will probably lose your driving privileges for an extended period. Our state takes a tough stance against DUI and our lawmakers impose severe penalties against those convicted. Not many Oklahoma citizens bother to request a Department of Public Safety hearing following a DUI arrest, but there are several excellent reasons to do so.

Number one among these reasons is saving your driving privileges, even if it is just for a short time. By requesting a hearing, there is a good chance you will be allowed a hardship permit or license to use for business and employment purposes. This will enable you to continue working as your case proceeds.

Another reason to contest your license suspension by requesting a hearing is that you might actually win. It is true that most defendants do not win in such a hearing, but if you acquire help from a DUI attorney, your chances of success will improve.

Finally, requesting a hearing gives you the gift of time. An attorney can use this time to investigate all aspects of your case. This will include the legality of your traffic stop and whether a blood alcohol concentration test was warranted in the first place. If you choose to decline a sobriety test, an attorney can help you develop a defense for your refusal.

In Oklahoma, defendants only have 15 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing from the DPS. The consequences of failing to request will include driver's license suspension or revocation along with mandatory enrollment in alcohol education programs. Reduce your risk by reviewing our site's fact-based web pages centered on Oklahoma DUIs.

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