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How accurately do breathalyzers measure blood alcohol content?

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Oklahoma, this is a great question to ask. Your future and your freedom are at stake anytime you face criminal charges, including DUI. Police officers rely on Breathalyzer tests to measure blood alcohol content while working outside of the police station. While convenient due to their portability, ease of use and speed, Breathalyzers are not as accurate as a blood test.

If you are considering the purchase of a Breathalyzer to monitor your blood alcohol content before driving, you will still need to understand the accuracy of these portable devices. Several outside factors can affect the accuracy of Breathalyzer tests. This is important to know whether you are looking at DUI charges or simply want to test your own BAC.

The following section contains several factors that can render inaccurate results in a Breathalyzer test.

-- Foreign substances such as breath fresheners, mouthwash or other personal mouth care items that contain alcohol may render false positives.-- Fumes or gases in the immediate vicinity of the breathalyzer test location can also cause false results. Examples include varnish, paint, chemical fumes and more.-- Incorrect or absent device calibration can affect Breathalyzer readings as well. These devices work best with fresh batteries and careful calibration.-- Users should take a BAC measurement multiple times to ensure accurate results. Just using the Breathalyzer once is not a reliable indication of blood alcohol content.

Like Breathalyzers used for personal readings, the devices police officers use must also be kept in good repair and calibration. If you are facing DUI charges in Oklahoma but believe your test result was inaccurate, consider speaking with an attorney about your case.

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