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New technology could tell you if you have had too much to drink

It is a common scenario: You are out for a social gathering or meeting and before you quite realize it, you feel a little tipsy. Should you get behind the wheel or call a cab? Situations like the one in this example happen all the time. What makes it even worse is that it can be hard to tell if you had too much alcohol to drive safely. Those who make an incorrect self-assessment could pay the price by facing DUI charges.

A recent news report out of Oklahoma City suggests that people are not particularly good at judging the amount of alcohol they consume. The report also spotlights a possible self-monitoring solution by way of existing and emerging technology.

Here is a list of some technological solutions designed to monitor alcohol consumption.

Common smartphone apps: These apps are becoming more and more popular due to their reported ability to help gauge alcohol consumption. Most of these enable users to track the number of drinks they have consumed. Many also send out an alert when the user has reached the recommended cap. The article warns readers that apps claiming to estimate actual blood alcohol content are unreliable at best.

Mobile breathalyzers: Consumers can purchase a personal breathalyzer to monitor BAC but experts say some people may hesitate to use them in public, or even forget to bring them when they go out. Other types of portable breathalyzer technology enable users to jack them into a smartphone to monitor BAC.

Future tech: As technology grows, so will its applications. The news story talks about wearable biosensors that could monitor blood alcohol content. Other future solutions could boost the efficacy of smartphone alcohol monitoring.

It is up to you to determine if these solutions may or may not be effective. Either way, if you do end up on the receiving end of DUI charges, you will want to hire a skilled defense attorney like the ones working out of the Nichols Law Firm of Norman, Oklahoma.

Source: KOCO.com, "Too much to drink? Apps, devices could help," Ben Smart, July 10, 2015

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