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When your juvenile is arrested for DUI in Oklahoma

As parents, all we want is to protect our children, keep them healthy and help them build a good future. Unfortunately, an arrest for driving under the influence can have an effect on all three of those parental goals. A conviction can mark a turning point for the juvenile, either scaring him or her into improved behavior or setting a standard for future behavior.

Once the deed is done and an underage Oklahoma citizen is facing criminal charges for DUI, parents think there is little they can do to help their child. However, this is not always the case. The first step is learning what can happen after the arrest and the second step is securing an adequate legal defense.

Oklahoma adheres to a strict zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and driving. This means your child will likely face serious consequences if convicted. Below is a brief breakdown of how the state of Oklahoma currently handles under 21 DUI.

Drivers License Revocation:

-- Six-month revocation for the first offense-- 12-month revocation for a second offense-- 36-month revocation for a third offense

Other Underage DUI Penalties:

For a first conviction, juveniles may have to pay a fine of up to $500, perform community service, enter a treatment program or be sentenced to any combination of these penalties. The same penalties apply to any subsequent conviction except that the fine will likely be higher and the other penalties more severe.

As parents, you do not have to sit on the sidelines and watch as your child's future is threatened. You can take action and fight for your child through the Oklahoma legal system. If you are unsure about how a criminal defense can help with underage drinking and driving charges, please visit our website for additional information.

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