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Unique cases require unique defense strategies

In our previous blog, we discussed how it is possible to present a defense to a per se DUI charge. In some cases, the defense strategies for a per se DUI charge can work for other types of DUI charges; however, it is vital that you consider all the options that might work in your case so that you can decide on a defense strategy. We are here to help you learn about the options so that you can make choices regarding your defense.

One of the first things that we need to do is to hear your side of the story. The circumstances surrounding your case can have a big impact on how we build your defense. For example, if you were driving after drinking because of an emergency that you couldn't control, we might be able to use an affirmative defense that acknowledges you were driving while intoxicated but that you didn't have a choice.

In some cases, an affirmative defense isn't necessarily an option worth pursuing. When that happens, we can explore other defense options. In all cases, we have to work with you to build a customized defense that takes the facts and evidence of your case into account because each drunk driving case has unique factors.

We understand that thinking about the penalties of a DUI conviction can be disheartening. There is no sure-fire way to approach every DUI case. We can give your case the personal attention that is necessary to build a DUI defense that takes the unique aspects of your case into account.

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