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Underage drinking and driving carries harsh penalties in Oklahoma

The age at which a person can legally consume alcohol in Oklahoma is 21 years old. Anyone who is younger than that and has been drinking should avoid driving or else he or she risks being charged with underage drinking and driving.

Oklahoma has a no tolerance policy for people who drink and drive if they are underage. The penalties for these cases are harsh. These drivers are sometimes caught in a catch-22 situation because they might not want to admit they were drinking and driving, but they have to take a breath test or risk losing their license.

A person who isn't yet 21 but is convicted of a DUI faces six months to 36 months of having his or her license revoked. A first conviction means a six-month revocation. A second conviction is a 12-month revocation. A third conviction is a 36-month revocation.

People who are under 18 years old face consequences that are even harsher even if they weren't driving. Anyone who is under 18 and convicted of an alcohol-related crime faces a six-month to two-year loss of driving privileges.

On top of the loss of driving privileges, anyone who is under 21 and convicted of drunk driving can face fines of $100 to $1,000. Community service and treatment programs are also possible penalties that might occur.

Underage drunk driving charges can greatly affect a young person's life. Exploring the defense options for the case might help the underage person to decide how to handle the defense. Of course, the best way to avoid having to deal with the penalties of underage drinking and driving is to not get behind the wheel after a drink.

Source: I Drive Safely, "Oklahoma DUI and DWI Laws," accessed Nov. 05, 2015

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