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What are some long-term consequences of a DUI?

Drunk driving charges are one type of criminal charge that can follow around for the rest of your life, especially if you are convicted. Of course, most people know about the immediate effects of a drunk driving conviction, such as driver's license suspensions, time in jail, education programs, and probation. What you might not realize is that you might also face other consequences that aren't imposed by the court.

Can a DUI conviction affect my job prospects?

A DUI conviction can definitely affect your job prospects. Your conviction will show up on your criminal record, so that might bar you from working for some companies. If a job requires you to drive, you often won't be able to hold that position because of the effect of the conviction on your driver's license.

Can a DUI affect my education possibilities?

There are some institutes of higher learning that conduct background checks. If the school's policy doesn't allow for people with criminal histories, you won't be able to attend that school. Some schools, especially those that have online-only programs, might not do background checks on prospective students.

Can a DUI affect my finances after I pay my fines?

A DUI conviction can affect your finances long after your fines are paid because of higher insurance premiums. These higher premiums might last years after your conviction because you will be considered a high-risk driver.

With all of these consequences in mind, you can see why it is critical for you to fight the DUI charge that was placed against you. Understanding how you can fight the charge should be one of your first steps.

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