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Interstate 40 shooter was twice the legal limit for alcohol

Last month, a shooting spree on Interstate 40 rocked Oklahoma. If you recall, a man in a pickup truck allegedly fatally shot two drivers and fired at other drivers before he led police on a high-speed chase. He was arrested by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after the chase.

The high-speed chase was 13 miles long. The prosecutors over his case note that he was driving drunk during that time and that he was hoping to elude police.

After his arrest, the man allegedly told police that he wasn't under the influence of any drugs but that he had been drinking heavily. He noted that he "had three tall boys and six shots" before the accident.

His vehicle was searched after he was arrested. A host of items was found in his truck; however, the 9 mm he used in the incident wasn't one of those items. It was noted that he threw something out of his truck during the chase. A deputy later found a 9 mm semi-automatic gun in the area. That gun was later determined to belong to the man.

In his truck, there were 28 shell casings, which is indicative that the gun was fired 28 times. Five rounds of ammunition in a magazine, a magazine pouch, a holster, one loose live round, a survival tool and a projectile were all found in his truck.

A pipe was allegedly found on the man during a search, but he continued the denial of doing drugs. A request was made to obtain a blood sample from the man. During a breath-alcohol test, the man blew a .16 percent, which is double the legal limit. He is now facing a slew of charges including murder.

This man is facing serious charges because of his alleged actions while he was driving drunk. This case shows that drunk driving cases often involve much more than just driving drunk.

Source: Times Record Online Edition, "New Details Emerge About Deadly I-40 Shooting Spree In Oklahoma," Nolan Clay, Jan. 17, 2016

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