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Tight time limits apply in drunk driving cases

Being arrested for drunk driving is the first event in a long list of events that can have a profound effect on your life. When you are arrested, a record of your arrest is made. This can affect your ability to keep a job if one of your duties involves driving a vehicle because some companies won't allow you to drive even if you are only charged with drunk driving. If you are convicted, you might find it very difficult to find suitable employment, especially if you are accustomed to doing jobs that require you to drive.

We understand that you might not know where to turn or what to do after you have been charged with a DUI or DWI. In Oklahoma, you only have 15 days after your arrest to take action that might prevent you from losing your license. Within that 15-day period, you will have to request an administrative hearing, a limited driver's license or a modified driver's license.

Besides considering the effect on your drivers' license, you also have to consider how you will handle the criminal aspect of your case. Even if it is your first drunk driving charge, you are still facing up to a year in jail. That frightening penalty is a good reason to start working on your defense right away. If you have prior drunk driving convictions or if there are aggravating factors in your case, you will need a very strong defense.

Even if you are tempted to just sit back and ignore your case, you shouldn't do that. You need ample time to prepare your defense against the drunk driving charge.

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