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Underage DUI cases demand urgent attention

Underage drinking is something that can lead to criminal charges, as well as other issues. For people who are facing underage drinking charges, such as underage drinking and driving, understanding the laws in Oklahoma pertaining to their case is critical. We understand that it is tempting to drink alcohol when you are in high school or college. Still, it is very important that you think about what can happen if you decide to drink and end up getting caught.

For a driver who hasn't yet turned 21, the penalties for driving after drinking are very harsh. You can face these penalties even if your blood alcohol concentration is under the .08 percent that is standard for adults. If you are convicted of underage drunk driving, you can face fines and fees of over $1,000. You can also face up to 10 days in jail and a license suspension of up to 3 years.

With those penalties in mind, you can see why it is so important for you to start planning your defense as soon as possible. The charges you are facing aren't going to go away just because you try your best to ignore them. You will have to face the charges.

We understand that mistakes happen. We will fight to have your charges reduced or to get you the best deal possible for these charges. We will scrutinize the case against you to determine how we can address each point that is being made in the case against you. We are your advocates as your case moves through the criminal justice system.

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